Last weekend Pam Cork of Quail Valley Yacht Club had invited us to show are line of skiffs and kayaks at her marina nestled back on the Indian River.
Well Friday was brisk but some daring souls came out and looked at our skiffs and kayaks and one gentleman  lined up a wet test.
But Saturday was one of those days that the people in the North endure yearly but for us native Floridians this was  hell.  Cold (35 Degrees), windy, rainy and a chill that grabbed your bones. I called Pam and said should I come over and Pam said “I am looking at frozen sea gulls trying to hide” , so with that I made the executive decision not to man the boats Saturday.
Sunday, bright blue skies and temp’s around 29-30 wind 20-25 out of the northwest.  I made my way over to the marina and to my surprise was about 1/2 of ice in the kayaks and skiffs.  So I stayed for about an hour removing the ice and suddenly I was having flashbacks of the TV show The Deadliest Catch” and how the crew on the Northwestern had to chip ice off their rigs daily. Well folks this boy is not chipping ice in Florida and with that I went home to sit in front of the fire.  But some brave souls picked up our brochures and called to talk about our boats.
So the moral of the story is fisherman are crazy no matter if they are in Anchorage Alaska or Vero Beach Florida.
Thanks to Pam Cork for allowing us to explore the Ice Age.


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