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August 10, 2009

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ICAST Product Review
By David Hall of Hall-Em-In-Lures

ICAST was a great show to attend and nice to have in our own backyard. The show was by far a success and the booths overall were outstanding. I am only reviewing the companies that really impressed me and have products that, I feel are by far, some of the best on the market.

This skiff and boat builder, Mark Castlow, has taken things to the next level. Mark is a Florida native and grew up in Miami and the Keys. Living on the water only intensified Mark’s love for the blue water, and as a teen he leaned toward riding the water on Mother Nature’s waves. Surfing became a love of his and he started his own surf shop and a line of surfboards. His love for surfing and travel allowed him to discover lots of different bodies of water and wave conditions that further tuned him in to the knowledge of the sea.
Mark’s knowledge overall of water and fiberglass made him a valuable asset to the fiberglass industry to create, repair and tackle all sorts of problems that involved glassing. Eventually he ended up in the boat business as a co-owner of Maverick, Hewes, and Pathfinder boats. Mastering over the years of what it takes to manufacture and market a successful shallow water fishing machine. He has listened to guides and other people, of what they want out of an inshore skiff, and applied it to perfection.
Dragonfly Boatworks was founded in 2007 by Mark. They are a new company, with years of information and knowledge behind them. Mark has combined some of the old school look with the new school technologies, exceptional components, and purposeful design. Mix them all together with a master craftsman and out came a beautiful yet extremely functional line of boats.
The Emerger 16 was the one that I was lucky enough to discuss with Mark. It is a 16 ft skiff, 71” beam, 18 gallon, built in fuel cell averaging about 500 lbs. and drafts a true 5 inches. The fit and finish is truly incredible and it comes with a slew of options. This boat is solid, will not give you a rigid kidney jarring ride, but is super smooth and allows you to fish 1-3 anglers. It is a very different build with a unique bottom configuration that is ultra quiet putting you into the zone perfectly
All together, Mark has a nice selection of boats – Silver Shadow, Dragonfly, Grandslam, and the Emerger. I am a very picky person and these boats have turned my head and dropped my jaw. Having met Mark only once, he seems like a very down to earth person and still you can see the glimmer of excitement in his eyes when he talks about his boats. Please give his website a look:

Contact info – 4575 North US Highway 1
Suite 11
Vero Beach, FL 32967
Phone # 772-567-8835 ICAST Product Review
By David Hall of Hall-Em-In-Lures